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Teaching Activity

The Andalusian Knowledge Agency Directorate for Evaluation and Accreditation (DEVA-AAC) in order to support universities in the development of teaching evaluation models, continues the collaboration with DOCENTIA Programme (programme for which an agreement was signed in 2007 in collaboration with ANECA).

Phases of the Programme DOCENTIA

Programme Documentation

For the designs evaluation , the implementation follow-up and the certification of the evaluation procedures, DOCENTIA participating agencies have developed the following documentation from the integration and updating of the previous Programme documentation , besides serving to the new Criteria and guidelines for Quality Assurance 2015.


University Reports Manual
Almería Desing 1st Follow-up 2nd Follow-up (Year 2018)
Cádiz Desing - - (Year 2009)
Córdoba Desing 1st Follow-up 2nd Seguimiento (Year 2017)
Granada Desing - - (Year 2020)
Huelva Desing - - (Year 2010)
Internacional de Andalucía Desing - - (Year 2009)
Jaén Desing 1st Follow-up 2nd Seguimiento (Year 2017)
Málaga Desing - - (Year 2021)
Pablo Olavide Desing - - (Year 2009)
Sevilla Desing - - (Year 2016)
Loyola Desing - - (Year 2018)

For further information contact us at the following address: docentia.deva.aac@juntadeandalucia.es

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