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Direction of Evaluation and Accreditation

Direction of Evaluation and Accreditation

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Evaluators Data Base

The AAC counts with external experts for its institutional and teaching staff evaluation process, who are renowned academics and/or professionals selected on the basis criteria such as independence, objectivity and absence of conflict of interest. Most of the processes involve national evaluators that have their professional practice outside Andalusia.

The purpose of this data base is to gather information about potential evaluators from the Autonomous Community of Andalusia to share it with other regional evaluation agencies. Registering in the data base does not imply the participation as evaluator for the AAC, but the possible use of the data by the AAC in case of need. The data base is organised in three different types of profiles: teaching staff, technical staff, and students, each profile corresponding to the role to be performed in the evaluation committees.

Functions of the data base:

Transfer of evaluators' data to other evaluation agencies
Evaluation of Innovation projects
Collaboration in evaluation processes of the AAC
Collaboration in other activities of the AAC

Evaluators Data Base On-line Registration

For further information contact us at the following address: bancoevaluadores.deva.aac@juntadeandalucia.es

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Direction of Evaluation and Accreditation
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