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Institutional Accreditation

After the implementation and development of the accreditation model, which in 2007 entailed the spanish adaptation to the evaluation systems of quality assurance derived from the European Higher Education Area, it is currently needed a system that encompasses an institutional dimension in the process of accreditation and aligned with the current trends in quality assurance within the European Higher Education Area.

Royal Decree 640/2021, 27 July, on the creation, recognition and authorisation of universities and university centres, and institutional accreditation, emphasises the universities and their centres´ vision of institutional and strategic context. It allows the centres that obtained institutional accreditation, to renew the accreditation of their official provided degrees, without the necessity to undergo the procedure established in the Royal Decree 822/2021, 28 September, on the organisation of university education and its quality assurance procedure.

  • Andalusian Knowledge Agency Directorate for Evaluation and Accreditation (DEVA-AAC) procedure on the Andalusian public and private Universities Institutional Accreditation
    NOTE: Pending update according to legal framework  
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