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Innovation Evaluators' Data Base

The Andalusian universities area commission for innovation, in collaboration with the AAC, started to dynamise an “Innovation Evaluators' Data Base”. The purpose of this innovation database is to support the innovation evaluation processes carried out by Andalusian universities. The database contains information on suitable evaluators from Andalusia, so as to be used by the universities in their internal calls for innovation projects, prizes, etc.

The “Innovation Evaluators' Data Base” main users are the persons responsible for innovation at the Andalusian universities.

Each university puts forward potential evaluators through the computer application, using the option “Register new evaluators”, while it communicates the candidates the need to register themselves in the “Evaluators' Data Base”.

The candidates have to upload their CV. The CV of the potential evaluators are validated by the Directorate of Evaluation and Accreditation of the Andalusian Agency of Knowledge (AAC), taking into account their teaching and research merits and, primarily, their experience as participant or coordinator of teaching innovation projects.

The criteria used for the validation of the evaluators were approved by the Andalusian universities area commission for innovation at their meeting held in Carmona in May 2010. During that meeting it was also established as a condition for the selection of evaluators among teaching staff to have at least 5 of the following merits:

• Stability: Professional body to which he/she belongs.
• Results of the teaching staff satisfaction survey.
• Coordination of Innovation projects.
• Participation in Innovation projects.
• Experience in teacher training.
• Experience in project related to the implementation of the EHEA.
• Experience in evaluation.
• Teaching publications.
• Productivity bonuses (“Research periods” / “Six-year periods”).
• Experience in management.

There are three reasons that may prevent the validation of an evaluator:

• Not being registered in the Evaluators Data Base
• Not handing over the data to the Evaluators Data Base
• Not meeting the requirements

Access to the Innovation Data Base

Candidates CV registration

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