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Access to the application for Official Academic Degrees:

All the official university degrees taught at institutionally non-accredited centres, the new verified degrees and those ones that obtained accreditation renewal, will be subject to follow-up.

In accordance with Royal Decree 822/2021, 28 September, article 28, on the organisation of university education and the procedure for its quality assurance, the centers will issue at least a follow-up report, which is compulsory, three years after the effective implementation or accreditation renewal.

Compliance with the essential academic standards and plans inlcuded in the study plan report must be reviewed in the follow-up report. Additionally, these follow-up reports will accredit transparency of information and the indicators including the degree learning outcomes; they will detect possible implementation deficiencies and will identify the best practices in follow-up and continuous improvement of university studies.

The application for the follow-up procedure will be submitted through DEVA´s telematic tool annually in February.

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